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Welcome to New Horizon Hypnosis of Kansas
If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you have come to the right place. At New Horizon Hypnosis of Kansas we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We offer the best in hypnosis services. These services range from weight management, job/sports/academic enhancements, stop smoking, stress and anger management to recreational regression hypnosis. Our style suites our customers personality and needs. New Horizon Hypnosis of Kansas has been located in St George, 7 miles east of Manhattan, KS since 2011. Let us put our experience and certified hypnotist to work for you.
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What is Hypnosis
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mental trance a person goes in and out of many times a day without even realizing it.  This state of trance allows your mind to accept new ideas and changes old ideas easily when accessed purposefully. 
What is hypnosis used for ?
Hypnosis can be used for many different reasons.  Some of the most common uses are to stop smoking, weight management, anger and stress management, performance enhancements in sports, jobs, and academics, inner self conflict resolution, spiritual and self enlightenment, pain management, sleep issues, stopping troubling habits, and many more areas too numerous to list here.

Hypnosis is the everyday person's treatment to everyday problems. It can be highly effective in making long term changes and enhancements to a person's life. 
How does hypnosis work?
Hypnosis is a guided step to deep relaxation of the mind and body with guided suggestions to change or enhance thoughts and/or behaviors. It works in the subconscious mind, bypassing the conscious mind for direct changes to the thought process quickly and easily. 

If you want the long answer here it is.  The mind is split into 3 parts, the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds. 
    The unconscious mind is where all the automatic biological functions happen like breathing, heart beat, hormon production, immune system responses and so on.
   The conscious mind is where we process all the information we take in at the moment and holds the critical factor for the subconscious. 
   The subconscious mind is where we hold all our memories, learned responses, habits, experiances, behaviors and core values, morals, and ethics. This is where we do our work. 
   The critical factor is the key to hypnosis. Hypnosis by passes the critical factor of the mind going straight to the subconscious to access the memories that cause problems. 
   The subconscious mind is a lazy thing, it hates change and the conscious mind knows it. So it uses the critical factor to filter out a lot of the new suggestions before they reach the subconscious, there for not allowing a majority of new ideas or habits to take hold and place. 
    By passing the critical factor and filter is why hypnosis is so effective.
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What to expect in the hypnotic state
To go into a hypnotic state you first have to be willing. No one can force you into this state of trance.  You can emerge from this state at any time you wish by simply opening your eyes with the intent to break the trance. For me it feels like a deep state of meditation, some people don't feel any different than sitting and talking to a friend. For others it is a total block of sensation, the body is heavy as lead, they can only hear my voice, and some don't remember the session. (Don't worry if you don't remember the session and want to know exactly what happened. I video every session, I will be happy to make you a copy of it before you leave.)
Your mind is fully aware of what is going on around you and is being said.  The reason you may not remember the conversations is because the conscious mind has wondered off to occupy its self while we work in the subconscious mind. 
Will I quack like a duck or change my personality?
No!!!! There is no therapeutic value to quack like a duck, bark like a dog, or act like a monkey.  This is a therapy to help you achieve your goals, not putting on a show for entertainment. The subconscious mind is the protector of the mind and body, it will not accept any suggestion that is not acceptable to it or goes against your basic morals, values, and ethics. It will not accept suggestions that it does not want. If you enjoy smoking and really don't want to quite I can use every script, rationalization and reason for you to stop, but until you are willing to accept the changes and suggestions it won't work. I can't make you do anything, but  I can give you to the tools, suggestions and ability to do anything you want to do. This is like any other life changing decision you make, when you decide it will work and want it to work, then it will work.  If you are trying this because of peer pressure, work, your spouse, or any other out side influence your wasting your time and money. 
Therapy Approach
The approach I take to therapy is simple common sense, life experience, and some application of psychology. If the problem can be fixed in one visit, then lets fix it, if it takes more then we take more. I personally want to hear you tell me "Thanks, but I don't need you anymore."  

I use several different types of therapy in a session depending on the clients needs and style that best suits them. Some of those techniques are Mental Imagery, Regression to cause, Ultra Height, Parts therapy, Direct and Indirect Suggestion.

For a full explanation and description of these types of therapies visit our services page. 

You can also find us on Facebook/New Horizon Hypnosis of KS
Selina Bell 
Certified Hypnotist/ Owner
Certified Hypnosis Instructor
BS of Pscyhology
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Important Announcement and Changes to Policy
Hello Everyone,
I have an important announcement for our business. I would like for everyone that reads this to like and share it with their friends.
After several days of thought, conversation, and meditation on this issue I have decided to move forward with my decision of a no set fee policy.
This means I will not quote a customer a set fee. I will not bill a customer that can not pay at the time of services. I will not be installing a pay pal account or any other form of credit card acceptance service, I will be accepting cash, checks, or bartering services as payment only if a client can afford it. If I am holding a class that has expenses such as marriage retreats, or has educational materials the cost for those sessisions is just that of the materials. I will let those in the class pay what they can afford or feel they should for my time. 
What is behind this decision. I started this area of education and work to help those who wanted it and needed it, not for the paycheck. For some time now I have been reading the questions and post on Facebook of peoples problems, concerns and situations, I know in my heart that I am able to help these people but for what ever reason either they have been hesitant to ask and I have been hesitant to offer. I also don't care what the news is saying the economy is not improving, and there are people out there who are not getting the help they need for life and mental health because of lack of expendable cash. No one should have to make the decision between fixing their problems and paying a bill or putting food on the table. Often those problems in their life are the cause for them not being able to improve their job situation or life. 
Every person will get the same professional services no matter what, this just means now they don't have to feel guilty or hesitant of seeking help from my company because of financial concerns.
I want for those who are questioning my motivation to be assured this is from my heart. Yes there is a personal motivation in this... I am tired of worrying about the money aspect of my company, it is getting in the way of the treatment aspect of it. So therefore I am turning the financial issues over to the universe to deal with, and do what I was put on this earth to do, help people with problems not matter how large or small. 
I am asking everyone that reads this pass it on, even if you don't need or want help pass it on because someone you know might. 
I will be writing post on a regular basis about hypnosis, how it can help with different problems and issues in our daily lives as well as medical problems and traumatic situations in life to educate people about the benefits and how hypnosis works. 
Please share this information with your friends on your pages to get the word out. 
Thank you for your support in this decision. 
Selina Bell, CI
Owner of New Horizon Hypnosis of Kansas.
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